Jake’s birthday


Lest Jake think that I don’t love him, here is his birthday post, albeit almost a month late.  Happy birthday babe!

We celebrated with a birthday lunch at Tucano’s (a Brazilian churrasca… YUM.  I live for the garlic beef, teriyaki beef, brown sugar pork, and grilled pineapple.  You haven’t lived until you’ve had this stuff!  Seriously.)  He looks so much so much older and wiser now, doesn’t he?

Rushton wanting to see the picture instead of smile for it…

And because I’m such an awesome wife, I made him a super delicious (time intensive = love) carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  (Cecilie, THIS is how you make and frost a double layer cake.)

I love you, Jake!

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  1. That is a very nice layered cake. I’m glad I made all the mistakes so you could get right for Jake’s birthday. I’m happy to ruin things the first attempt.

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