Can’t stop partying!


Seriously, we had so many parties in February that I can hardly keep track.  We celebrated Jake’s birthday twice – once on the actual day and then again the following Sunday with his family.  Then Rushton had a family birthday party the next Sunday, a small celebration on his actual birthday, and a friend party the next weekend.  He is definitely one loved little boy that got spoiled by friends, family, grandparents, and loved ones all over the country.  Thank you everyone for the books and trucks and balls and puzzles and cars and clothes and buses and basketball hoop!!  He has been so ready for some new, more age-appropriate toys and now we’re totally set.  Seriously, thank you to one and all, from all of us.

I got a few pictures from Rushton’s family party, but not a single one from the friend party!  It was so fun though – super easy planning-wise and a super chill night.  Just three families (the fourth family was sick – we missed you guys!), pizza, kids playing with toys, moms talking, and dads playing PS3.  That’s the way to go!

Sorry if it seems like I’m jumping all over the place, but I just want to get everything down without doing a million blogposts.  Anyways, here are the pics from Rushton’s family party.  He totally has the present unwrapping thing down!

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