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Like everyone else, I’m sure, I can’t adequately express HOW STOKED I am for Spring to finally come!!  I love where I live, but I detest the fact that it snows here.  As it’s been getting a tiny bit warmer, we’ve been able to spend a few afternoons at the park.  Rush LOVES the park, but it stresses me out a little since he won’t wear gloves and his fingers turn into ice cubes.  Anyways, we’re lucky to have a ton of parks within walking distance from our home, so you better believe we’ll be spending our days out there as it gets warmer!

As a side note, Jake still takes the Scouts camping IN THE SNOW.  I can’t think of anything that sounds more unbearable.  But he says they have fun!  Does this look fun to you??  Brrrrrrrrr…

His tent collapsed under the weight of the snow that fell throughout the night.  Seriously, ugh!

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  1. For the record, that wasn’t my tent. My tent didn’t collapse on the this campout. (I borrowed the neighbors really nice four season tent that worked like a charm…

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