Monthly Archives: May 2011

We’re still alive…


Yes, we’re still alive, and yes, I’ll be blogging again someday.  Long story short – we moved to northern California about two and a half weeks ago because Jake got a great job with Make Magazine (part of O’Reilly Media), so we’re in a new house, new state, new everything.  And I’m one month from my due date!  Rush is still cute and has found a little friend, I have made a few friends, Jake loves the new job, I found a baby doctor, and we’re still trying to rent out our house in Saratoga Springs.  Lots going on here, but at the same time, not much going on here.  Until I post again, here’s a little video of our awesome little boy (and don’t you just love that outfit??  Oh, to be a kid again…).  Hope you like it!