Crazy kid


(Rush loves this little table and chairs my parents got him from Ikea.  When he first saw it, he ran over to it and said “Me! Sit!”  Just his size.)

Rushton is such a fun age  right now.  Everything seems exciting and fun and games for him.  He’s talking so much and coming up with more words every day.  He calls me “Mama” or “Mommy” and he calls daddy “Jake” or “Jacob.”  And he LOVES baby Hailey!  He gets giddy whenever he’s around her – he always wants to “hold it” and tickle her fingers (sounds like he’s saying “funyons”) and give her kisses.  He’s so sweet to her.

And like every little boy, he likes to run and yell and sing and throw things (not out of tantrums, just for fun).  He also loves to read (especially the Llama Llama books), play with his new friend Jack, talk on the phone or video chat, go to the park, and watch Cars and Toy Story.  He calls Lightning McQueen “Awning Chween,” and he says “To infinity, and beyond!” like “Woody Buzz…ANON!!”  Rush is pretty capable with the iPhone and iPad.  Just today he found Netflix on the iPad and somehow started playing Toy Story 3…  He loves chips, crackers, cereal, french fries, dip (any kind – salsa, guac, sour cream, cottage cheese, mayo, ketchup, etc.), and fruit snacks.  He won’t eat a vegetable to save his life, but he will eat apples sometimes, orange peels (???), and only recently, orange segments.  He likes milk, doesn’t like fruit juice, but loves “Dr. Juice” (soda. don’t judge us…).  And his absolute FAVORITE thing in the whole entire world?  TOOLS! (and the garage – they go together)

Yes, that’s a screwdriver in his hand while he’s being brave getting a haircut.

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