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  1. I love this picture! There’s Hailey! Would it be weird if this picture was our computer desktop photo? That is one good looking bunch. Is it too soon for us to come back out? We MISS you guys! The girls watched every Vimeo video of Rush yesterday morning. And for some reason, I keep remembering the meals we ate outside from the Thanksgiving Point deli. I thought we’d get to keep having those meals forever. Sob.

  2. ha! I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!! i think it’s a pretty dang neat, official feeling to realize, I’ve got kids – emphasis on the “s”. 🙂 i hope things are going well and that you’re hanging in there with that transition from 1 to 2. it can be rough at first, but the more you go the more you will LOVE having more than one. 🙂

  3. Now that you have CHILDREN, you know how hard it is to get a good family picture. I love this one. It is perfect of all of you and YOU look so great post baby! Love you!

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