Heat wave


This week has been hot, hot, HOT in Sonoma County and we don’t have air conditioning.  Ugh.  That means our house has been about 85 degrees inside for most of the day (90’s outside) – we’ve pretty much been soaked in sweat!  Gross.  So the other day I made an impulse decision to ride out the heatwave down at my parents house, and it’s been just what we’ve needed.  (Just me and the kids. Jake is still working, but don’t feel bad for him – he gets to sit in an airconditioned room all day.)

Rushton’s favorite part of our little mini-vacation?  Grandma set up a stool for him to get into the kitchen’s everything/junk/tool drawer so he’s spent countless hours lining up nails, holding scissors, and exploring the vast array of no-no items in that drawer.  I’d say he’s in heaven:

Last week Jake’s parents were out here to meet the baby, help out, visit, and see the sights.  It was great to have them here, and it was great to have Rushton happy, entertained, and plumb tuckered out at the end of each day.  I’ll do a post on all of those happenings soon!

In other news, with all the out-of-towners gone and Jake back at work, I’m officially a stay-at-home mom to two kids.  Weird science, eh?  None of these photos are revolutionary by any means, but that’s our life right now – here’s a little taste of what’s been going on at our house lately:

lots of napping and growing by this little girl…

this little boy has been taking good care of his favorite doggie…

snuggling our cute little pink baby Hailey…

reading, goldfish eating, and pajama-wearing by Rush…

and other everyday home things.  We’ve been surviving ok, but I only lasted 2 1/2 days before I headed to my parents house… (Blame the heat for making us all crazy!)  Anyways, we’re healthy and happy, and now I’m even boring myself with this post so I’ll end it now!  Here’s to a superfantastic weekend for all my faithful blog readers!!

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  1. Grandma’s are the best. I love that Mom set him up by the junk drawer. He had total concentration each time he went there. It was also really cute when he hammered nails into styrafoam.

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