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We’re still here…


It’s been such a busy summer!  And it’s not about to slow down for a few more weeks.  I’ll do a more informative post when I get a chance, but in the meantime, here are the munchkins…

Rush enjoying a fresh mini donut at the farmer’s market:

Hailey in a DRESS!!  Can you even stand the cuteness???  I was trying so hard not to squeal the entire time I was taking these photos today…

With the pavlic harness that she’s had to wear 24/7 since birth, I haven’t been able to do much dressing up with her so far.  But at her orthopedist appointment on Monday, the doctor said that her hips are doing great and she’ll only have to wear it AT NIGHT, and only for 4 MORE WEEKS!!!!!!  So bring on the cuddling and the cute dresses! (Can you tell by the number of !!!!!’s that I’m pretty excited about that?)

My new favorite dinner


I have a new favorite dinner – it’s both SUPER easy and very delicious.  Spicy Honey Chicken with a side of Lime-Cilantro Rice with Pineapple and some fresh fruit, like watermelon.  I keep meaning to take a photo so I can blog about it, but I never remember or have the patience to get the camera out because all I want to do is dig in immediately.  It’s that good!  And that easy.  So these pictures are from the site where I got the recipes (Our Best Bites), but don’t worry, mine turns out that awesome-looking every time, so yours will, too!

Spicy Honey Chicken

The thing that’s so great about this chicken is that it doesn’t take any marinating, so advance prep is next to nothing.  It’s just a spice rub that you put on the chicken right before you grill it, and then a glaze of honey and apple cider vinegar that you add during the last few minutes of cooking.  See?  So fast and easy.  And even EASIER if you make a giant batch of the spice rub so that you always have some handy.  Yum.  (Side note – I’ve actually never done this with thighs.  All I’ve had around is chicken breasts, so I do about 3 or 4 breasts for one recipe.)

Lime-Cilantro Rice with Pineapple

Once again, the thing that’s so great about this rice is that all the mix-ins are added AFTER the rice is done.  So you don’t have to have everything all ready and chopped up before you even put it in the rice cooker.  You can chop the cilantro while the rice is cooking and as soon as it’s done, you just throw in the butter, cilantro, lime juice, crushed pineapple (or tidbits) and salt and WAH-LA!  Done and done.  (The site also suggested a mango variation of this rice where you add a few pats of butter, a handful of both sliced green onions and cilantro, some diced mango and salt and pepper – I tried it and it’s so so good!)  And.  AND!  And if you put your rice cooker in the garage while it’s cooking and do the chicken on the BBQ, you don’t heat up your house even one tiny bit.  Like I’ve whined about before, I don’t have AC in my home, so that’s key.

And then just chop up some watermelon and you have a tasty, complete meal.  Seriously, can you see the genius that is this dinner???  You can think of it one minute and have it completely ready in less than a half hour because there’s nothing you have to do ahead of time.  And it’s seriously so delicious.  Try it!

(No, Our Best Bites did NOT pay me or give me any sort of incentive to do this post – I just LOVE how easy and yummy this is so I couldn’t help but shout it from the proverbial rooftops.  Excuse the cheesiness of that last statement. But my life needs more simple and delicious meals like this, so if you have a favorite, please share!)

Partners in crime


Rushton and Sohpie doing who knows what at the hospital when Hailey was born…

We miss our Utah friends so much!!!!!!!  Waaaaah…..

(And Rush is currently standing on the edge of the coffee table saying, “To infinity, and beyond!!”  Yikes.  One of his little buddies in Utah did the same thing from his bunk bed, flew off like Buzz Lightyear, and totally broke his femur.  Ouch.  Unrelated, have I ever complained that it’s HOT in our house???  Because it is.  Again, waaaaah…….)

One month down…


Hailey turned one month old yesterday.  That happened so fast!  Time definitely goes by a little more quickly with two kids than it did with one.  Except for the hour or two before Rushton’s nap – that still always feels like an eternity.  And late-night feedings – I wouldn’t mind if those were a bit quicker.  But all in all, we feel busy and happy.  And HOT!  Another sweltering day inside our house…

Anyways, here are a few pictures I took of Hailey this morning to show how chubby she’s gotten over the last month.

This little outfit is from some of my good friends in Utah.  Janette made the bow to match her outfit exactly.  So cute!

I know most of these probably look the same, but her expressions crack me up!

Apparently being in photos is just so exhausting…  Time for a nap!

And here’s her little strappy thing (Pavlic harness).  She basically has to wear it 24/7, so we don’t get to wear that many cute outfits.  Just sleepers.  But hopefully in a few months she’ll be done with it and we can put her in all the cute dresses and outfits she’s gotten!