One month down…


Hailey turned one month old yesterday.  That happened so fast!  Time definitely goes by a little more quickly with two kids than it did with one.  Except for the hour or two before Rushton’s nap – that still always feels like an eternity.  And late-night feedings – I wouldn’t mind if those were a bit quicker.  But all in all, we feel busy and happy.  And HOT!  Another sweltering day inside our house…

Anyways, here are a few pictures I took of Hailey this morning to show how chubby she’s gotten over the last month.

This little outfit is from some of my good friends in Utah.  Janette made the bow to match her outfit exactly.  So cute!

I know most of these probably look the same, but her expressions crack me up!

Apparently being in photos is just so exhausting…  Time for a nap!

And here’s her little strappy thing (Pavlic harness).  She basically has to wear it 24/7, so we don’t get to wear that many cute outfits.  Just sleepers.  But hopefully in a few months she’ll be done with it and we can put her in all the cute dresses and outfits she’s gotten!

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  1. Yay! Love the cute pictures of Miss Hailey! She sure knows how to look good in the harness. I’ve been wondering how things are with the soggy wall? And, sorry that this is my way of asking (not by email or text or call). Oh well, I know that you understand.

  2. I can’t enough of that adorable strappy thing!! Seriously, I love her in it!! She is so dang cute. You two, I tell you. Make the cutest babies.

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