Monthly Archives: September 2011

All lined up


Rush loves to line things up – his cars, crayons, books, etc.  And on a completely unrelated note, he won’t let me do a THING with his hair.  If I try to spike it up even a tiny bit, he freaks out and smashes it down on his forehead saying, “My hair down! My hair down!”  I hope Hailey’s a bit more compliant when she actually grows some hair…

Also, this is one of the very few recent pics I have of Rush actually looking AND smiling for the camera



I don’t know WHAT I was doing, but obviously I wasn’t paying attention to Rush.  His high chair now has many uses, one of which is getting up into the sink to play with water.  Another great use is getting into the treats/cracker cabinet/pantry.  Hey, less work for me, right??


Sticking his tongue out like this (below) is an indication of intense focus.  Very important business goes on in the sink, apparently.

And just to clarify a previous post about Hailey trying out the high chair – Jake just wanted to see what she would look like sitting in it.  She doesn’t eat solids yet so she doesn’t actually use it.  Rush seems pretty willing to share the chair, but at one point he told her very firmly, “Haywee, get out.”



Jake works for Make Magazine, and every year they hold a few Maker Faires.  The one in San Mateo was awesome, the one in Detroit was a success, and Jake spent last week in New York for the World Maker Faire.  (The kids and I totally survived, by the way – no major meltdowns.  Yay!)  If you’re in the Bay Area, Detroit, or NYC when one of these shows is going on, you should totally check it out.  Like, for reals.  Anyways, some of Jake’s work peeps gave Hailey this Maker Faire onesie, and Rush loves it because it has a robot on it.  Such a cute baby girl!!

Same basic pose, but different facial expression.  Why just post one photo when you can post two?  I know you love it.