I don’t know WHAT I was doing, but obviously I wasn’t paying attention to Rush.  His high chair now has many uses, one of which is getting up into the sink to play with water.  Another great use is getting into the treats/cracker cabinet/pantry.  Hey, less work for me, right??


Sticking his tongue out like this (below) is an indication of intense focus.  Very important business goes on in the sink, apparently.

And just to clarify a previous post about Hailey trying out the high chair – Jake just wanted to see what she would look like sitting in it.  She doesn’t eat solids yet so she doesn’t actually use it.  Rush seems pretty willing to share the chair, but at one point he told her very firmly, “Haywee, get out.”

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  1. Very cute of Rush. Did maybe Grandma give him the idea to play in the sink? I distinctly remember him and Macey going at it this summer. It was so cute and they were drenched by the end. I’m not sure the kitchen has ever recovered…

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