Rolling over


Last week, Hailey turned 4 months old AND rolled over unassisted for the first time!  And she just might be teething, too.  She went from a mostly happy baby to a frequently grumpy baby that skwaks constantly and wants to be held all the time.  And she’s LOUD.   The change was very sudden, so we’re hoping that some teeth pop through soon so she can return to her happy little self!

This little activity mat is where Rush turned over the first time.  Hailey usually loves being here and she wiggles herself all over the place.

She would get sooooo close to rolling over on the mat, but never completely.  That is, until…

Almost there…

And she did it!  No one was more excited for her than she was, as you can see here:

And just for kicks, here’s the video of Rush rolling over for the first time:

(Do my kids look alike or what??)

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