Who’s your daddy…


Jake’s eyes are kind of funny in this photo, but the kids are cute, so I’m posting it anyways.  Rush gets so excited when he hears Jake opening the door upon returning home from work, and he runs to meet him.  And I run to hand over Hailey.

Side note – this is one of about 4 shirts that Rush will wear.  Besides those shirts (2 of which are guitar shirts), he’ll agree to jammies.  And that’s it!

Want another picture of Jake?  Here you go:

Are you sorry you asked?  So the short story of it is that he got in a boating/tubing accident 4 years ago and messed up his mouth pretty badly.  He almost bit off his bottom lip, knocked out his two front teeth, and jumbled the rest of this teeth around pretty severely.  After a few years of braces, bone grafts, and oral surgery, he had implants placed around Christmas this last year.  Well, one of the implants failed and the whole tooth/screw basically fell out a few weeks ago.  This photo was taken just hours before it came all the way out.  Now Jake’s starting the bone graft process over again, and hopefully he’ll have a perfect/permanent smile in about a year!




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  1. eek! I can’t believe Jake is still going through these teeth issues. 🙁 Poor guy- seriously- what hardships. At least he has you and those darling kids (plus work) to keep him otherwise occupied. 😀 Congrats on Hailey’s recent accomplishment. Lots of love!

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