While Jake was gone…


Back in September, Jake spent a week in New York for the World Maker Faire (can you believe he gets paid to do fun stuff like this all the time??).  The kids and I tried to stay busy, entertaining ourselves with play dates, movies, parks, and tandem diaper changes.  This is Rush trying to hold Hailey after one of the many tandem diaper changes…

For some reason, Jake’s absence inspired me to start cooking/baking WITH Rushton.  I haven’t done much cooking or baking this summer because it turns my non-AC house into even more of an oven than it already is on hot days.  But we had a few cooler days while Jake was gone, so I gave it a go and it wasn’t nearly as chaotic as I thought it would be!  Here he is with the banana chocolate chip muffins that we made:

And while we made muffins, Hailey worked very hard on her play mat:

A successful endeavor all around!

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