Daily Archives: October 7, 2011

Hailey at 4 months


My baby girl is getting so big!  One week ago she was 4 months old exactly.  She is mostly happy, although last weekend it seemed like she might be teething or something because all she wanted to do was skwak and yell.  But she seems to be over that for the time being, thankfully.  Isn’t she so cute???!!  (Love the Carter’s outfit – that place has the cutest baby/kid clothes.)

Hailey has now rolled over from back to tummy and from tummy to back, and it seems that she actually likes being on her tummy more than her back (opposite of Rush as a baby).  She’s 13.something lbs and is right in the 50th percentile for height, weight, and head size.  She smiles and laughs a TON, which we love.  Rush is still so gentle and loving towards her – I hope that never changes!  He’s always eager to keep everyone updated on her wakefulness status by announcing either “Haywee’s awake!”  or “Haywee’s sweeeeeeeeping.”  Rush also loves to share his cars with her – he tries to put Lightning McQueen or Mr. The King in her hands and dies laughing when she actually grabs on and puts it in her mouth.  She LOVES her toes and has them in her mouth constantly.  As for sleeping, she’s ok, I guess.  Better than Rush was at her age.  She sleeps from about 10 p.m. to about 3:30 or 4:30 a.m., then goes back to sleep after a bottle until about 7:30ish.  Her daytime naps are all over the place, but as she gets closer to 6 months, I’ll try harder to get her on a schedule…

This girl absolutely will not take a binky and she HATES being swaddled.  Ay ay ay.  Those two things totally saved me with Rush, but not so much for Hailey.

We got out the exersaucer the other day and she loves it!  It’s so fun to watch her grab for the toys on there and go from one to the next.  She’s such an active baby – at her 4 month dr appt she was grabbing at the doctor’s stethoscope and tie and anything else within her grasp, causing him to say, “She’s a lively one!”  That also means that she pulls my hair ALL THE TIME.  I could certainly stand to chop off a few inches just to save my sanity.

Almost every single day, I have a moment when I think to myself, “I can’t believe that I have two kids… TWO KIDS.  Crazy!!”  But I love being a mother and I love my two munchkins to pieces and I’m so grateful that I can be home with them every day, even if some days I almost go insane!


Of fathers, casts, and broken bones…


A few weeks ago my dad fell a few feet down a ladder and broke his heel/foot.  He can’t have any weight at all on his foot for the whole eight weeks, so my nurse sister got him this handy dandy knee scooter to get around on.   Rush LOVES the scooter and connot stay away from it.  Also, my mom got Rush the Cars 2 book in the picture below, and I kid you not, we read that book no less than 15 times a day for at least 2 weeks straight.  (Then Jake ended up bringing the SAME EXACT book home from NYC as a gift for Rush.  Now we have one copy for Bama’s house, and one copy for home.  As Rush would say, “Perfect!”)

Then, maybe two weeks after the broken foot, my dad took tumble down some stairs and fractured his shoulder.  This happened only days after he had surgery to put screws in his foot…  Can you even believe it??  (Sorry Dad, I hope this doesn’t embarrass you…)  Same side as the broken foot, which is his right side (and he’s right handed).  So he now ALSO has an immobilizing brace on his arm for a few weeks.  With my Dad’s bad luck on the one side, and the Spurlock accident-prone-ness on the other side, I fear for my children’s safety every single day!

(These pics are after the broken foot but before the broken arm.)  My poor father has so much time on his hands these days, and he’s getting really good at typing one-handed with his left hand.  It seems like we hope and pray for the day when things will slow down and we’ll finally have TIME, but I don’t think this is quite what he had in mind…