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I still can’t believe how big Rushton is getting.  To think that my baby boy will be 3 in a few months!!  He talks ALL THE TIME, repeats a lot of what I say (eeks…), tries new words all the time, loves to count (he can correctly get up to 12, but after that it gets a little sketchy), and speaks in complete sentences.  Most of his conversations focus around the Cars/Cars 2 movies and characters.  He’s a Cars fanboy if there every was one…

This picture blows me away – Rush is SO not a baby at all anymore.  I remember about 18 months ago I was hanging out with my friend Mandy, and her little boy was 2ish and in size 6 diapers, and I thought those were the most giant diapers I’d ever seen.  Now Rush is in size 6 diapers, and they don’t have size 7, so it looks like potty training is on the horizon in the next 2-3 years… 😉

I know this seems opposite from what most new moms feel, but baby bathtime is one of my least favorite baby chores.  I’d rather change a poopy diaper, and I’m serious!  I mean, I love a squishy bathing baby, but it’s just so much work to get out the baby tub and set it all up in the sink, or to clean the sink so I can bathe her in the sink itself, or to bend over the whole time  while I give her a bath in the tub.  But notwithstanding, I DO bathe my children often enough, so not to worry.  (Am I getting too long-winded in my blog posts??  I guess that’s what happens when I don’t get all that much adult interaction/conversation most days…)

Here’s a photo of Hailey’s last baby bathtub/sink bath.  She splashed and kicked water ALL OVER THE KITCHEN, so I decided no more!

So this is how we roll nowadays…

Rush seemed happy to have a bathing buddy.  As long as he has his cars with him, he could stay in the bathtub all day long if I let him.   (And would it be so bad if I let him?  I’d totally bring him Goldfish and milk so he wouldn’t starve…)

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  1. Your kids are so cute. Potty training is hard work. I’ve been through it twice already. And I would recommend you potty train him in the next year.

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