My little reader


Rushton LOVES to read (well, to be read TO), and it’s not unusual for me to find him sitting on the floor reading his books out loud by himself.  Of course, it’s just the words that he’s memorized, but it melts my heart every time!

My favorite is when he gets the nursery rhyme book out and sings the Wheels on the Bus with all the hand actions.  I caught this stealth video yesterday while he was in action.  So cute!


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  1. I am totally impressed with your blogging skills Melissa. You are a blogging queen. Love these pictures of your kids- they’ve gotten so big so quick. 🙁 Lexie loves to “read” too love the good habits they’re picking up on. 😉

  2. How convenient of you to have posted this, seeing as right now we are watching all the Rush videos on vimeo. Sophie is going to be absolutely delighted to have a new Rush video.

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