Another post about Rushton


I think I was a little over-worried that baby Hailey was going to get all the attention and we’d all forget about Rushton, but I seem to post more about Rush than I do about Hailey.  Rush is just at such a cute age (but isn’t every age cute when it’s your child?) and he says/does the most hilarious things every single day.  So here’s another one about him…

I spy with my little eye… something that doesn’t belong in the fridge.  Can you see it?

And this is how he left his cars the other night (don’t mind the totally gross streaks on the dishwasher that shine with the flash…):

He’s always up to something!

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  1. You are up early this morning! I love how all of those cars are from the Cars movie! The extreme organization of your fridge makes up for any exaggerated streaks on the dishwasher. It’s obvious you’re organized!

  2. Girl, that is NOT your fridge. Look how empty it is! I don’t even know you anymore. I love love love cute scenes left by kids. Adorable.

    • Ok, let’s count all of the different types of cheese that we spot in the fridge…

      String Cheese
      Cottage Cheese
      Shredded Cheese
      Strawberry Cream Cheese
      Onion and Chive Cream Cheese
      Reg. Cream Cheese
      Cream Cheese Frosting (kinda counts right?)
      Pepper Jack
      Shredded Parm (can’t see, but it’s there…)

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