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You could say that the “mascot” of Jake’s employer (Make Magazine) is a robot.  There literally are robots at his work – every little boy’s (and big boy’s) dream, right??  So when we went to visit Jake at work last week, Rush was so excited to see the robots and even wear his robot shirt.  And he was definitely plum-tuckered out by the time we left…

He’s so big, yet still so little at the same time.  I can’t believe Rushton is closer to 3 than he is to 2!!  Time flies.

After a nice long nap for himself, Rush put his teddy bear down for a nap.  This happens often, with his teddy bear and even for some of his cars.

He is really into building train tracks/race tracks for his cars these days.  Rushton seriously plays with cars all day every day.

I can’t remember how I got him to do it, but this time he actually smiled for the camera!  So handsome, no?

And for my last piece of randomness in this post, Rushton’s favorite “chore” is watering the plants.  Truthfully, the vegetables don’t get all that much water, but he considers it a job well done if his clothes are wet.  Usually his pants come off before he’s done.  Such a helpful little boy.


(By the way, nice back yard/weed patch, eh?  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but the weeds got to be over 5 feet tall before I mowed them for the first time this summer.  FIVE FEET!!  Not even kidding.  Gross.)




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