Monthly Archives: November 2011

Punkin Catch


Rushton got enough candy for all of us on Halloween, but not NEARLY enough Butterfingers.  I remember Butterfingers being the candy that me and my siblings would all give to my Dad because none of us liked them.  WHAT WERE WE THINKING????  They’re so delicious – I’ve totally seen the light in my old, wise age.

Anyways, here he is with his “punkin catch” (and Cars 2 book and movie, of course).

I know I say this every time, but it is seriously impossible to get a good picture of Rushton actually looking at the camera and smiling, so this is the best we got…

(And in case you’re wondering, as I am posting this right now, Rush is walking around the living room grabbing things with kitchen tongs and saying, “Cut, cut.  Cut, cut.”  Yep, he’s pretty great.)

On forming habits…


They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Well, I did a blog post almost every single day for over a month in September/October after my dad broke his leg (and arm, and had his gal bladder removed…he’s on the mend now thankyouverymuch) and I STILL fell off the wagon after a while.  Truth be told, I would usually write a bunch of posts in one day and then schedule them to publish one at a time over the following several days, so I guess I didn’t technically blog for 21 days straight and therefore didn’t really develop the habit.  And then I took a month hiatus from blogging.  It’s not that my kids haven’t been cute.  Actually it’s just the opposite – they’re extremely cute every single day!  I have no doubt you missed seeing pictures and videos of them (wink, wink).  So tonight while watching the X-Men movie (yep, that makes me the best wife EVER), I uploaded a bunch of photos and videos to post over the next while.  You’re welcome!

It’s late, so I’ll just leave you with one photo of each of the kiddos.  Here’s Rush eating a homemade Oreo.  (I’ll share the recipe eventually, but watch out!  They’re dangerous and I could NOT. STOP. EATING. THEM.)

And here’s Hailey with her leg stuck between the crib bars – a problem we no longer have now that we got a breathable bumper.  She would get so mad because she was stuck on her tummy with her legs in the bars and couldn’t get out.  Poor baby!