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On Christmas lights, fire trucks, and ice cream


We went to the Sebastopol Christmas Tree lighting a few weeks ago.  Of course Santa made an appearance, and he came riding in on a fire truck!  Rush couldn’t care less about Santa, but he couldn’t WAIT to get inside that fire truck.  He got his wish.  (The line for Santa was miles long, the line for the fire truck was about 3 people long.  Excellent choice, Rush.)

It was so exhilarating that he couldn’t be bothered to turn around for a picture.

You can kinda see in this picture below, that the fire truck was parked right in front this little cafe that had outdoor seating.  While Rush was in the fire truck, he accidentally (or intentionally? we’ll never know…) blew the horn, giving everyone at the cafe AND everyone in line for Santa quite a scare.  That’s my boy!

Hailey was happy and warm in our new super awesome double stroller.  Now, if only the double stroller would also make dinner, it’d be the perfect sister wife…

Eventually we had to pry Rush out of the fire truck, and he was NOT happy about that.  Super sad face, all grown up…

He was trying so hard to be brave and accept the fact that we needed to go and give other kids a turn, but you can still see the heartbreak in his face…

But we are super good parents, so we knew exactly how to make it all better!

That’s right kiddo, ice cream makes everything better.

Now whenever we see fire trucks, he reminds me the he was sad on the fire truck, and that other kids need turns.  But that he was “bery sad” indeed.

Birthdays and Bye-byes


Rushton’s best little buddy out here (almost since the week we moved in) was a cute little boy named Jack.  These two little boys ADORED each other – they would squeal in excitement when they saw each other and would even hug so hard they’d usually knock each other over. (Boys…)  We played almost every week!  And then one day, a week after Jack’s birthday party, Jack moved away. 🙁  I don’t know who was more sad about the move – me or Rushton.  Jack’s mom has been my best buddy out here, too, and his dad a good friend of Jake’s.  Moving is so two-faced – on the one side, it’s great to have a steady job, but on the other side, it’s soooo hard to say goodbye!  We miss their family so much!

Tawny did such a cute job with the birthday party!  It was Toy Story themed, so a definite hit with the little boys.  If there’s one thing Rushton loves as much as Cars, it’s Toy Story.  Rush was almost TOO helpful with opening presents…  And this is the best/only picture of them that I got.  (I really need to make more of an effort to take good pictures!  Put that one on the list for New Year’s Resolutions.)

How cute are these cupcakes?!

When Daddy goes away…


…we go play in the South Bay!  In early November, Jake had a work retreat that lasted a few days, followed by a few more days of work dinners and late evenings, so the kids and I headed down to my parents’ house for some good times.  Here are a few pics from the time we spent there.

Hailey is quite the roller nowadays, and she often gets herself stuck – under chairs, couches, tables, toys, ottomans… you get the idea.

And Rush thinks it’s hilarious to do what Hailey’s doing.

My parents totally live in the city, but somehow a random rooster decided to call their backyard home.  Yep, a ROOSTER.  I guess one day it just showed up and now it won’t leave!  It cock-a-doodle-do’s most mornings at the same time, roosts in the orange tree, and runs back and forth across the yard on occasion.  Pretty awesome, huh?

One evening we met up with Scott and Cecilie for a delicious dinner at Buca di Beppo’s in Palo Alto. (YUM!)  Here is Cecilie proving that she’s totally capable of handling two young children at a restaurant…

One day we went to the park with the wife of an old friend (the wife is a new friend) and their cute 1-year old daughter Lyla.  Rush was running (super fast at lightning speed, of course), not looking where he was going, and he ran smack into the corner of an iron fence.  I have NEVER seen a goose egg like that, ever.  It immediately swelled up and stuck out at least a half inch, with a giant purple line going down the middle of the goose egg.  I was so grateful it didn’t split the skin and bleed all over the place, and I was mildly worried about a concussion, especially since after the park it would be MUCH-needed nap time.  But thankfully we all survived, and the bruise lasted a good 2 weeks.  And he barely even cried!     Maybe 30 seconds of wailing and he was done.  Tough kid!


Here’s a side view – if you look closely you can sort of see the goose egg sticking out on his forehead.


Good times.



Hailey at 6 months


A half birthday is a very important day in a girl’s life, especially when it’s her first!  Hailey is 6 months old today.  Yep, time flies.  It’s true.  She rolls all over the place, loves Rush (more than even ME sometimes…  the nerve!!), is really good at blowing raspberries, has the cutest giggle, wakes up extremely happy, sleeps just ok, and loves to smile at everyone.  She’s quite the charmer.

And she is apparently too busy to sit still through photo sessions these days…

It’s obviously time for a hug.

Get. that. paper.

Ahem, what’s a girl gotta do to get some privacy around here??

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