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We’ve been on a bunch of family day trips lately but I’ve been so bad at blogging things!  I apologize to my vast readership.  And since I probably won’t be getting better at it anytime soon, I stole a blog post from my sister Cecilie.  I give her full credit for the entire post. (Although I do take full credit for the cuteness of my children, along with Jake.)

The Exploratorium (as told by The Lee Family)…

Friday night we got a last minute invite to be Young Makers at the Exploratorium. We weren’t exactly in the target age group but for free admission we were happy to look a bit creepy. (It’s hard to look natural at a kid’s activity when you don’t have kids…)

It took tremendous concentration for Scott to make the biggest bubbles around. He beat out all the other kids!

Scott and Rush worked very well together.

Stepping into the bubble proved to be a bit difficult.

Just 2 boys workin’ together.

The future Dr. Spurlock.

Hailey just chilled the whole time and was happy. She’s such a good baby!

Scott made an awesome drawing to put up near his desk at school.

And Rushton helped me with mine. I tried to explain about putting your pen in the hole and going around the circle but he had bigger plans.

Working together.

Scott and Melissa were very proud of their arch.

What better way to end the afternoon then soaking yourself in bubbly water!

Thanks Spurlocks for inviting us! I guess this is going on once a month until April so if you have Young Makers and want to have fun then come check it out.

via The Lee Family: Exploratorium.

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  1. What a neat place! I love hands on places like that. Looks like lots and lots of fun. So question- is that your double jogger stroller? Brand? Pros- Cons? we need to chat. 😉

  2. LOVE this post! Even if I read it twice on both of my sister’s blogs. It gets better ever time I read it! More pictures of Rush and Hailey!!!!

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