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Hailey at 8 months


Welp, this post is almost a month late – I’ll be posting Hailey’s 9 month picture next week!  (Then again, at the rate I’m going, I may NOT be posting her 9 month picture next week…  Just know that at least I TAKE the photo on time, whether or not I get around to putting it on the blog.)

And that’s the best picture I could get!  Babies sure are wiggly.  At 8 months, Hailey wasn’t quite crawling, but she was rolling all over the place, just like Rushton did.  She babbles and laughs all the time – she’s such a happy baby!  She sleeps all through the night, from about 8 p.m. until about 6:30 a.m., with 2 daytime naps, more or less.  She’ll eat anything we give her, which is the exact opposite of Rushton – he would only eat rice cereal or oatmeal, not a single fruit, vegetable, or meat/protein.  Hailey doesn’t have any stranger anxiety and puts on a pretty good show of cuteness for anyone who will pay attention to her.  She gets upset when she sees me leave the room, she LOVES Rushton, she’s very happy when she wakes up, she loves when her daddy tickles her, she sits up just fine, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, her greatest desires are paper and plastic, and she’ll sit still captivated if I read her a book on my lap.  Hailey is such a sweet, happy baby.  Rush adores her and is usually soft with her, but he IS a 3-year-old boy, so I definitely have to pull him off of her several times a day.  She’s rarely grumpy.  It’s so fun to see her personality develop.  And now I’ve rambled on long enough!

Here are the outtakes – as you can see, this girl loves teddy bears and paper with all her heart.