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Hailey at 9 months


Once again, I’m several weeks late with Hailey’s monthly picture, but as always, the photos were taken on the correct day but not posted until now.  This is Hailey on February 29th at 9 months. She’s so squishy and happy and busy and cute!  But no smiles this time, she’s too concerned with getting either the camera, the bear, or the paper.

At 9 months, Hailey is doing her version of the butterfly stroke across the floor.  Real crawling is bound to happen soon, but the butterfly seems to suit her movement needs just fine for now.  She’s still a pretty great sleeper – 8 p.m. to almost 7ish a.m. with two daytime naps.  Her favorite things are Rushton, Mom, Dad, and bath time.  Seriously, you should see this girl in the bathtub – she splashes and claps and squeals the entire time.  She’s starting to pull herself up to her knees, but not yet to her feet (but now at 9.5 months she pulls up to her feet a lot).  She’s pretty open to letting other people hold her, but she’s so wiggly these days that it’s hard to hold her for very long.  Hailey has 4 teeth – two on top and two on bottom, and she feels them with her tongue all day long, like this:

Rushton is so cute with her, talking in a super high voice (like I do to Hailey, I guess) and saying things like, “Hi baby girl!” or “Aww, you’re so cute Haywee!” or “You’re sitting up!! Good job!” or “Where you going, silly girl?” or “Hey cutie!”  So often he just can’t help but laugh around her because she’s just so cute and fun.  I love seeing them play together.  I hope they never outgrow their adoration for each other.  Melt my mother heart.

February Birthday Boys – Rushton


My big boy is 3!  He was very good at telling everyone his birthday is on “two twenty-two” and he even practiced holding up 3 fingers.  No big parties this year (a few small celebrations), but the presents trickled in long before and long after his birthday.  This year Rush got some books, clothes, sand toys, a soccer ball, pens, a kite, and some cars.  Thanks to everyone who called and/or sent stuff.  He loved everything!  But he’s not much for posing for pictures these days, so this is the best shot I got on his actual birthday.

At 3 years old, Rushton talks all the time in complete sentences and he has an excellent memory.  He can count to 10, sometimes to 11, but usually gets lost somewhere between twelve and eleventeen.  He loves reading and has memorized most of the lines in his favorite books.  He can sing the alphabet song pretty well and he knows almost all 26 capital letters and a few lower case letters.  His favorite letter is R and his favorite color is green.  He favorite shows are Super Why, Cars, and Toy Story.  His favorite books are the Llama Llama books, Go Dog Go, Glasses for D.W., and any Cars books.

Rushton LOVES to play with Hailey – he’s usually pretty sweet and gentle with her (lots of hugs, kisses, giggles, and soft pats) but he’s also a rough and tough 3 year-old big brother at times (squashing her, taking her toys just to see her squirm, and squirting her bottle on her head).

He loves to sing – especially Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Wheels on the Bus, and the ABC’s.  He loves going to Nursery at church, talking on the phone, playing at the park, going on walks in the big stroller, visiting Dad at work, playing/fixing with tools, and HELPING!!!!  He always wants to help, or fix, or do it himself.

Rush loves to call people on the phone and can even dial them himself.  He knows L is for Laura,  C is for Cecilie, and then it gets confusing, but he totally has it down: M is for Grandma Bain (“Mom” in my phone), D is for Grandpa Bain (“Dad” in my phone), A is for Daddy (when we very first met, Jake saved his name in my phone as “Amazing”), and H is for Grandma Spurlock (Heather).  He also loves pushing the red End Call button, so most phone conversations are cut short.

Rushton is such a happy and sweet boy – very tender with other children, especially younger kids.  He’s very social with other kids, and every time we go to a park, he’s yelling, “Wait for me!  I’m Rush!” before I can even get him out of his car seat.  He makes me laugh all day long and I feel so lucky to be his mother!

February Birthday Boys – Jake


Both my boys have birthdays in February, so we partied pretty hard that month.  Jake was first, and now he and I are the same age!  Woo hoo.  But that will be short lived as I turn 30 in less than 3 months…  When did we get so old???

I’m generally the worst when it comes to birthdays, but I was totally on it for Jake this year.   I had cake made and presents WRAPPED, and I even made him breakfast!  I also got a babysitter so we could go out to dinner.  We went to Tex Wasabi – one of Guy Fieri’s restaurants, and I was very pleasantly surprised by how good it was!  Guy looks and acts like such a dork that I had very LOW expectations.

Rushton was instrumental in opening Jake’s presents and blowing out the lone candle.

Jake’s work friends made him a cool birthday card with an LED light for the cupcake’s candle, and Rush tried to blow out the flame all evening.

Happy Birthday, Jake!  I made him the same cake that I’ve made for the last several years – carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  He got a sushi set, money, Dr. Pepper, and a few other cool things.  Next year’s the big 3-0!

President’s Day


Yet another post stolen from my sister’s blog…  Maybe I should pay her?  Thanks, Cec.  (Sorry to those who read both of our blogs.  But this is as good as it gets these days!)

We spent President’s Day (and last weekend) at my parent’s house lifting the Jeep so that some big boys can go 4wheeling. My dad suggested this project when we were doing the roof this summer and Jake and Scott jumped at the opportunity. The lift kits finally arrived and it was time to work.

The morning started with a lot of head scratching and wondering how to get rusted bolts off.

Then there was a lot of group work that was necessary.
Finally things really started to move when Rushton came out to help…
OK, so maybe Rushton wasn’t too interested in helping.
He had a great time sitting in a laundry basket with Hailey while Grandma worked!
Break Time!
Dad, Jake, and Scott
Since Rushton’s birthday was in the next few days we had a little party for him at dinner.
He was pretty excited to open gifts and less excited to play with them right away.
Since February is a hard word to say he says his birthday is on
“Two Twenty-two!”
And contrary to what you have been assuming, I did not help with lifting the Jeep. I did some babysitting, dish washing, food preparing, napping, photo documenting, and other important activities.
(Now it’s Melissa again – I did mostly the same as my sister did above, just less photo documenting.  Hence the stolen blog post.)