Hailey at 9 months


Once again, I’m several weeks late with Hailey’s monthly picture, but as always, the photos were taken on the correct day but not posted until now.  This is Hailey on February 29th at 9 months. She’s so squishy and happy and busy and cute!  But no smiles this time, she’s too concerned with getting either the camera, the bear, or the paper.

At 9 months, Hailey is doing her version of the butterfly stroke across the floor.  Real crawling is bound to happen soon, but the butterfly seems to suit her movement needs just fine for now.  She’s still a pretty great sleeper – 8 p.m. to almost 7ish a.m. with two daytime naps.  Her favorite things are Rushton, Mom, Dad, and bath time.  Seriously, you should see this girl in the bathtub – she splashes and claps and squeals the entire time.  She’s starting to pull herself up to her knees, but not yet to her feet (but now at 9.5 months she pulls up to her feet a lot).  She’s pretty open to letting other people hold her, but she’s so wiggly these days that it’s hard to hold her for very long.  Hailey has 4 teeth – two on top and two on bottom, and she feels them with her tongue all day long, like this:

Rushton is so cute with her, talking in a super high voice (like I do to Hailey, I guess) and saying things like, “Hi baby girl!” or “Aww, you’re so cute Haywee!” or “You’re sitting up!! Good job!” or “Where you going, silly girl?” or “Hey cutie!”  So often he just can’t help but laugh around her because she’s just so cute and fun.  I love seeing them play together.  I hope they never outgrow their adoration for each other.  Melt my mother heart.

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  1. I do hope you got a video of her early crawling. I meant to but never got around to it and now it’s gone!

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