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Hailey at ONE YEAR OLD!!!


She did it!  My baby turned one.  And Hailey’s not the only one having birthdays around here – I turned 30 earlier this month.  Woo hoo!  We’ve had a few celebrations for the both of us over the past two weeks, and there are still a few to come.  But my baby is barely a baby anymore!!

She generally understands that we want her to smile for pictures, so here are some of her attempts at being helpful (and adorable, of course)…

Hailey kept doing this face inbetween smiles…

She is such a good baby!  I can’t say that enough.  Hailey is almost always happy – she has such a pleasant disposition.  She loves to play with Rushton, with toys, with other kids, with ANYONE.  She crawls super fast and the tops of her toes are constantly dirty because of so much crawling (I swear, I clean my floors almost daily!).  Hailey is just starting to walk – she has taken two steps at a time a few times since last week.  And she LOVES to climb – the little dare devil has made it onto the couch (when a toy/pillow is close enough to stand on), onto the ottoman (which has now been moved under the desk in my room), and onto Rushton’s mini rocking chair (which has now been moved into the garage).  Hailey waves most of the time when she hears “bye-bye” and she goes in for kisses.  She has about 5 and a half teeth and she babbles all the time.  She’ll eat almost anything and she LOVES sippy cups.  Seriously, she is so cute!!  Happy birthday, baby!



A few weeks ago Rush went to a super fun birthday party where they had cowboy hats AND a piñata.  Does life get much better than that??

Ruston hasn’t done many piñatas in his short life so I kept prepping him, telling him to try to get the candy off the ground as soon as the piñata broke.  So when the time came, he was totally ready and grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on.  In the chaos of kids, I saw Rushton fiddling with something for a few seconds and then he threw it on the ground and walked away.  When I saw him up close, his mouth was all black, and on the ground where he had been standing there was a black marker that had been snapped in half and the ink cylinder removed…

I did some quick math and came to the conclusion that he thought the marker was some kind of marker-shaped piñata candy, so he tried to open it by breaking it (rather than pulling off the lid??) and then he put the ink part in his mouth before he realized that it was indeed a MARKER.

A marker.  That he attemped to eat.


I have nothing more to say about that.

Swimming lessons


Rushton started swimming lessons this week, and I don’t think there has ever been a more enthusiastic 3-year-old little boy in the history of swimming lessons (although this picture doesn’t exactly show it).

We signed him up in a class with his little friend.  Here they are right before their first lesson, smiling for something other than my camera.

Sounds cliche, but Rushton is such a little fish!  He’s very brave going out into the pool (2.5 feet deep, almost as deep as he is tall) and he tries his best to hold his hands in the right positions.  I think he laughs the entire time his teacher helps him swim around the pool.

Rush was hardly phased when he tripped and went under water for a few seconds.  When he finally came back up, he coughed a few times and then announced, “I’n okay!”

The photo below demonstrates his serious bubble-blowing face.  It’s hilarious because he’s still not sure how to blow bubbles – most of the time he just ends up yelling into the water.  So funny.

It is so fun to watch him in a group/class setting!  I don’t get to see that very often.  What a good little learner.  He gets distracted a lot but I think it’s mostly because he’s just so excited to be in a swimming pool.

Head cheerleader for the Rushton fan club:

Rush is such a happy and fun kid.  I’m so lucky to be his mama!  (Notice the giant booger shooting out of his nose.  HA!  You’re welcome.)

Hailey at 11 months


My baby is almost one!!!!!  Time to start planning a party.  Consistent with the last few monthly photo posts, I feel the need to reiterate how impossible it is to take a picture of a wiggly baby.

At least Rushton was there to lend a helping hand.

She totally has a thing for stuffed animals.

Aww, siblings.  How sweet, no?

At 11 months, Hailey is climbing up on everything.  She can stand for a few seconds on her own but no steps yet.  Her favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus” and she waves her hands around while we sing it.  She claps and waves bye-bye.  Seriously, SO CUTE!!  Whenever she notices her bow is on her head, she pulls it down and snaps it on her eyes.  Still no hair to speak of, but even still, I’m baffled by the people who still guess she’s a boy when she’s dressed in head-to-toe pink/flowers/hearts.  Really??  Hailey is an extremely happy baby.  Like, REALLY happy.  I don’t know how I got so lucky – both my kids have been such good babies.  She loves Rushton to pieces – her face lights up when she hears his voice and she tries to knock down his door when he’s taking a hap.  They play pretty well together – Rush tries very hard to share and? Hailey tries to NOT pull Rushton’s hair in her excitement when she’s climbing on him.  How can you not love this face?!