Swimming lessons


Rushton started swimming lessons this week, and I don’t think there has ever been a more enthusiastic 3-year-old little boy in the history of swimming lessons (although this picture doesn’t exactly show it).

We signed him up in a class with his little friend.  Here they are right before their first lesson, smiling for something other than my camera.

Sounds cliche, but Rushton is such a little fish!  He’s very brave going out into the pool (2.5 feet deep, almost as deep as he is tall) and he tries his best to hold his hands in the right positions.  I think he laughs the entire time his teacher helps him swim around the pool.

Rush was hardly phased when he tripped and went under water for a few seconds.  When he finally came back up, he coughed a few times and then announced, “I’n okay!”

The photo below demonstrates his serious bubble-blowing face.  It’s hilarious because he’s still not sure how to blow bubbles – most of the time he just ends up yelling into the water.  So funny.

It is so fun to watch him in a group/class setting!  I don’t get to see that very often.  What a good little learner.  He gets distracted a lot but I think it’s mostly because he’s just so excited to be in a swimming pool.

Head cheerleader for the Rushton fan club:

Rush is such a happy and fun kid.  I’m so lucky to be his mama!  (Notice the giant booger shooting out of his nose.  HA!  You’re welcome.)

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