Cousin Jackson

***  ANOTHER POST COPIED AND PASTED FROM MY SISTER CECILIE’S BLOG…  She’s much better at blogging than I am anyways.  Sorry if you already read this on her blog!  Thanks, Cec.  🙂  ***
This post is really just for my sister to copy and put on her blog.
My mom and I went to Santa Rosa a few weeks ago and Rushton and Hailey loved having Jackson around to play with. They both got quite an education when I nursed Jackson! No guys, Jackson does not want to hold toys or have his toes counted while he eats. Good luck Melissa with Baby #3!
Rushton loved holding Cute Jackson. When we arrived he came over in his softest voice and said “Hey Little Buddy. He’s so cute!”
It was adorable.
So maybe Hailey’s not quite as interested as Rushton is.
Rushton read all about Super Heros to Jackson.
It might be a few years before he’s interested!

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