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Cousin Jackson

***  ANOTHER POST COPIED AND PASTED FROM MY SISTER CECILIE’S BLOG…  She’s much better at blogging than I am anyways.  Sorry if you already read this on her blog!  Thanks, Cec.  🙂  ***
This post is really just for my sister to copy and put on her blog.
My mom and I went to Santa Rosa a few weeks ago and Rushton and Hailey loved having Jackson around to play with. They both got quite an education when I nursed Jackson! No guys, Jackson does not want to hold toys or have his toes counted while he eats. Good luck Melissa with Baby #3!
Rushton loved holding Cute Jackson. When we arrived he came over in his softest voice and said “Hey Little Buddy. He’s so cute!”
It was adorable.
So maybe Hailey’s not quite as interested as Rushton is.
Rushton read all about Super Heros to Jackson.
It might be a few years before he’s interested!

Atlanta (another stolen blog post)


My sister Cecilie is much better at blogging than I am these days, so I’m borrowing another one of her posts.  About halfway through reading this post, I discovered she was expecting me to exactly that, so I guess that means I have her blessing. 🙂

So in the middle of March my family all went out to Atlanta to see Laura off on her mission to Montana. It was such a fun trip. Only siblings went so it felt like old times, just a bit more grown up. We did tons of sight seeing and even more eating.
To start things off right Laura picked us up at the hotel (we had landed around 1am Friday night so we just stayed near the airport and she came in the morning) and took us right away to Waffle House. Are you wondering what kind of breakfast joint this is? Think of it as a less expensive Denny’s… The food was good though. My favorite part of breakfast was when Laura told the waiter it was our “first time at Waffle House!” Not sure if she thought that was going to get us a free waffle but the waiter just smiled.
Next was CNN Headquarters for a tour. We got to see how news is made and it was
pretty cool. I’m a news junkie so it was interesting to see how they read the teleprompter
and other behind the scenes stuff.
And the whole fam-damily: Melissa, Cecilie, Laura, Dad, Eric, Mom
Here is the highest free-standing escalator in the world.
(They must be very proud of that since we were told many times.)
Inside one of the rooms where they do research. We went on a Saturday so it wasn’t super busy but we still got to see quite a bit of stuff. We even watched one reporter live. During a break she waved!
No port-a-potty is really a Happy Can…
From CNN we went to World of Coke. Both museums are by Centennial Olympic Park where some of  the 1996 Olympic ceremonial things were held. (And maybe even the bombing but don’t quote me since I didn’t look it up.) Laura said they have large events and parades there and it looks fun. These pottys were set up for a marathon the next day.
Part of the family just catching our breath before going inside.
Mom holding Coke but wishing it was Pepsi.
This is Dr. Pemberton who came up with the Coke recipe. He was a pharmacist.
This is for Melissa since she’s probably going to copy this entire post for her blog.
And here we are waiting for the tour to begin. They have these HUGE beaded Coke bottles that are really cool. Tons of detail and hours of work I’m sure.
Coke paraphernalia.
Some weird/cool Coke sign.
We walked over to the Westin after to have some appetizers in their revolving lounge. You get a great view of Atlanta and its suburbs. Laura has been here 3 years and could tell us tidbits about each area. Great way to see the city with little effort.
Our last stop before dinner was Stone Mountain. It’s a memorial to the great leaders of the South: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee, and Jefferson Davis. From the words of the website “finishing touches to the masterpiece were completed in 1972”. The South is crazy. Laura gets Confederate Memorial Day off but not President’s Day. They refer to the Civil War as the War of Northern Agression. Crazy.
This picture doesn’t do justice to how huge the carvings are. I guess they’re larger than Mt Rushmore.
I like this quote.
Although I later went to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival this is about as good as I saw, in Atlanta.
And the family again after Laura’s talk on Sunday. She did awesome! Loved it!
More family.
Dad, Laura, and Mom.
Sunday night there was a nice little farewell party for Laura and she was set apart as a missionary. No more going to the bathroom solo! We kept teasing her about being alone but I think the joke got old fast… Sunday was so nice to be together and think about her new chapter in life.
Monday morning we went to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. It was a nice self-guided tour and we got bags of shredded money after so that was cool!
For lunch we went to some Southern BBQ place that was basically a heart attack on a plate. Tater tots with a sauce and cheese as an appetizer.
Melissa and Laura with their orders.
Enough ribs Mom?
Finger-lickin’ good Eric!
Dad may be holding up the salad but you know what he really ate…
(And doesn’t’ he look happy?!)
My order. Yeah, I thought I was getting a little something besides just scoops of meat.
Should have gone with the ribs. And what’s with the white bread underneath? It was
delicious but not quite my regular lunch.
Here we all are: fat, full and happy!
And this is how the trip ended: everyone on their phones. Nothing like quality family time.
Mom and Laura were flying to SLC the next day but I was going to meet Scott in Chicago and everyone else had to go home to work. Too bad the weather had other plans… Just as we arrived at the airport it started to rain and then it began dumping buckets. I had a direct flight that got delayed a few hours but everyone else was cancelled. They tried to go back to the hotel where Mom and Laura were staying but something happened and they ended up at another hotel. Funny!
We had such a good time in Atlanta. It was seriously so fun to be together again and reminisce and create new memories. We’re so excited for Laura and based on her letters it sounds like she’s doing great. Can’t wait to see her again in October 2014!!

Viva la gordita!


This is one of the most delicious food items I have ever come across. The perfect blend of sweet, spicy, savory, fresh, grilled, meat, cheese, Mexican goodness. Meet the gordita al pastor from La Fondita. Do your taste buds a favor and try this someday. You’re welcome.


Hailey at ONE YEAR OLD!!!


She did it!  My baby turned one.  And Hailey’s not the only one having birthdays around here – I turned 30 earlier this month.  Woo hoo!  We’ve had a few celebrations for the both of us over the past two weeks, and there are still a few to come.  But my baby is barely a baby anymore!!

She generally understands that we want her to smile for pictures, so here are some of her attempts at being helpful (and adorable, of course)…

Hailey kept doing this face inbetween smiles…

She is such a good baby!  I can’t say that enough.  Hailey is almost always happy – she has such a pleasant disposition.  She loves to play with Rushton, with toys, with other kids, with ANYONE.  She crawls super fast and the tops of her toes are constantly dirty because of so much crawling (I swear, I clean my floors almost daily!).  Hailey is just starting to walk – she has taken two steps at a time a few times since last week.  And she LOVES to climb – the little dare devil has made it onto the couch (when a toy/pillow is close enough to stand on), onto the ottoman (which has now been moved under the desk in my room), and onto Rushton’s mini rocking chair (which has now been moved into the garage).  Hailey waves most of the time when she hears “bye-bye” and she goes in for kisses.  She has about 5 and a half teeth and she babbles all the time.  She’ll eat almost anything and she LOVES sippy cups.  Seriously, she is so cute!!  Happy birthday, baby!



A few weeks ago Rush went to a super fun birthday party where they had cowboy hats AND a piñata.  Does life get much better than that??

Ruston hasn’t done many piñatas in his short life so I kept prepping him, telling him to try to get the candy off the ground as soon as the piñata broke.  So when the time came, he was totally ready and grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on.  In the chaos of kids, I saw Rushton fiddling with something for a few seconds and then he threw it on the ground and walked away.  When I saw him up close, his mouth was all black, and on the ground where he had been standing there was a black marker that had been snapped in half and the ink cylinder removed…

I did some quick math and came to the conclusion that he thought the marker was some kind of marker-shaped piñata candy, so he tried to open it by breaking it (rather than pulling off the lid??) and then he put the ink part in his mouth before he realized that it was indeed a MARKER.

A marker.  That he attemped to eat.


I have nothing more to say about that.