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Old Fashion Root Beer



  • Root Beer Concentrate  (2 oz.)
  • 5 lbs. sugar
  • ½ of 0.6 yeast cake OR 1 t. dry yeast


Mix sugar and RB concentrate in 5 gal bucket.

Dissolve yeast in water and add to above sugar mixture.  Mix well.

Add 5 gallons lukewarm water.

Makes about 40 bottles.

My recipe does not say how long to incubate the bottled brew.  As I remember it was about a couple of weeks in a warm dark place.  My sibs may remember better.  When Jerry and I made it we just let it incubate until it tasted about right.  Yum!

P.S.  Don’t try this with screw-on bottles.  Need to use glass bottles and metal caps.  I have a bottle capper.  Good luck.  Marie

Louise Hanks Bain’s Wedding Punch


(Half recipe notations on the right)

  • 5 lb. sugar                                                5 c.
  • 1 (12 oz.) can frozen orange juice                        6 oz.
  • 6 T. Realemon                                                3 T.
  • 3 T. vanilla                                                4 t.
  • 3 T. almost extract ( ½ bottle will do)            1 oz.
  • 2 oz. citric acid                                                1 oz.
  • 4 gal. water                                                2 gal.

Notes:  My large Tupperware hold half a recipe.

Is good as frozen slush.

Equivalents:            1 lb. sugar = 2 cups,  2 T. = 1 oz.