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In with the new


Ta-da!  I present to you the new blog.  Currently it’s a work in progress – I still have some tweaks to make and things to add.  I know, no big flashing lights or anything, but I like it better than any of the stock WordPress themes that were available for the old blog.  And you probably already noticed, but we moved everything from the old blog to the new blog, so basically this is just the new and improved version.  Enjoy!

Changin’ things up a bit


I have a super duper awesome fantastic announcement to make, but you’ll have to go to our new blog to see it:


Bookmark this and update the link if you have it on your blog.  (I’m so sorry to make you do this! I hate when people change their email address or blog address!!)  Jake being the tech geek that he is – it’s very important to him that our little blog have it’s very own URL, no blogspot no wordpress no typepad no nothing.  So now all his dreams are coming true.  Plus, I think the new blog design is much cuter than this blog, and isn’t that what blogging is all about?  Having the CUTEST blog out of all your friends??