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Cool cool cats


Here we have The Bain Girls in all their 80’s coolness.  I must have been about 7 years old.  (In case you can’t tell, I’m the one on the left.)  I’d like to point out my purple “earings” – since I didn’t have my ears pierced until later in life, I would press my hair barettes onto my ears as hard as I could and stand really still so they’d stay on at least for the picture.  Creativity at its finest, eh?  And compliments to Carl’s Jr. for the free sunglasses.  Anyone else remember when those were all the rage?  Good times…

Bain Girls in thir Carl's Jr. Sunglasses

I stole this picture off of my sister’s blog (Thanks, Laura).  And since I’m stealing pictures, I might as well post this one, too.

Bain Girls Halloween

I’ll see if I can find that pumpkin cape to use again this year.  It’s probably one of the few costumes that will fit a pregnant belly…  And who doesn’t love plastic vampire teeth?!