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This is a baby who loves to see himself in mirrors, pictures, and videos.  But the only thing cuter than Rushton in this video is watching him watch this video.  He smiles, laughs, and clasps his hands together in sheer delight.  I can already see all the trouble he’s going to get out of simply by melting my heart…


If this doesn’t make you want to have a baby immediately…


… Then I don’t know what will.


Rush has started giggling off and on, but tonight he was just going crazy. We would laugh, he would laugh… It was great. At the end here, he gets kind of sad, and we think that it is because he got some shots today. There is only so much this little boy can handle!

P.S. Rush turned four months old yesterday. FOUR MONTHS! He is practically a grown up.

Rushton’s new trick


He found his fist. And it’s soooooooooooooo cute! You don’t have to watch the whole entire video – it’s mostly all the same footage, but I can’t bring myself to delete any of it. This kid kills me.


And it officially happened: This blog has turned into a show and tell all about my kid. He’s all I got! I hardly have any social interaction in any given day, and I rarely even step outside. Good thing he’s cute.

Rushton – Moods…


Rushton Ray Spurlock – Faces from Jake Spurlock on Vimeo.

Just wanted to share a video that we made of Rush over the last couple of days. We bought the Flip Video MinoHD Camera, and are loving how it easy it is to shoot and upload videos. Expect a few more of these… In HD nonetheless.

Disclaimer: I apologize for the non-makeup shots of me. When Jake was filming me, that was supposed to be test footage and wasn’t supposed to be seen by anyone…